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We've tested the Smart Anti-snore Pillow on many users. By asking the users to take a Sleep Study before using the Smart Anti-snore Pillow and one after, we're able to demonstrate the incredible effect it has on improving their sleep!

The AHC/CPC index
The AHC/CPC index measures the severity of sleep apnea.

- A score of 0 to 5 means that the person sleeps normally
- A score of 5 to 15 means that the person has mild sleep apnea
- A score of 15 to 30 means that the person has moderate sleep apnea
- A score above 30 means that the person has severe sleep apnea

The results of our test users are below:

User's Name: Joseph Fernando
  Test Date AHI/CPC Full report
Before Feb. 12, 2009 28.4 Download
After Apr. 29, 2008 15.7 Download

User's Name: Li Chun Yang
  Test Date AHI/CPC Full report
Before Sep. 5, 2008 5.8 Download
After Oct. 5, 2008 0 Download

User's Name: Lin Wu Xiong
  Test Date AHI/CPC Full report
Before Oct. 6, 2008 7.4 Download
After Oct. 16, 2008 3.8 Download

User's Name: Lin Jun Jie
  Test Date AHI/CPC Full report
Before Jun. 17, 2008 23.6 Download
After Oct. 14, 2008 3.3 Download
Click on the [Download] button to view the full report

What does this mean?

By reducing the severity of the AHC/CPC index score, the Smart Ant-snore Pillow has not only relieved the incidence of snoring, it has improved the sleeping of the test users. After using the pillow, users that had mild to moderate sleep apnea had their scores reduced till they slept normally.
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Snoring causes daytime drowsiness, irritability, lack of focus and decreased libido*.

Multiple studies reveal a positive correlation between
loud snoring and risk of heart attack (about +34% chance) and stroke (about +67% chance)**.
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